When to hire a statistician for your dissertation?

If you are reading the blog, it means that you are probably confused whether or not to hire a statistician for your dissertation. You may be trying to figure out the way through which you can effectively finish your dissertation. Let us put your mind to rest. Read on to know when to hire a statistician for your dissertation.

Not sure of the research methodology
Always remember that the research methodology which you choose to answer your research questions will set the pace for the findings and ultimately results and evaluations. If you do not choose a correct research methodology, all your effort in gathering the data, analyzing and evaluating them will become fruitless. So, if you are not sure which research methodology to choose, it is better to hire a statistician that will aptly study your dissertation and then suggest the best research methodology.

Statistical Software is not cooperating
To evaluate the findings and get results, PhD scholars often use statistical software. But statistical software is not full proof. There may be times when even after using high-end software, still you are unable to get the results. So, if the statistical software is not cooperating, instead of becoming frustrated or panicking, it is advisable to hire a statistician that will evaluate the findings much better than the software!

Stats problems you are unable to figure out
You may be faced with a situation when you may not be able to figure out some crucial stats issues on your own. You may ask your committee members, formal professors or mentor who is excellent in quantitative analytics, still you may not be able to resolve the issue. Eventually, it is easier and much viable to hire a dissertation statistician.

The fact is that the statisticians have significant expertise and can help you in making your dissertation better. But when you are planning to hire a statistician for your dissertation, ensure that they understand you and your research topic well. You require hiring someone who can fill in the gaps in your understanding and knowledge. After all, if you are going to spend your money on their service, you should get full worth out of it and the person needs to help in making your dissertation more productive. Furthermore, choose a statistician who is qualified and professional and will clearly let you know if your problems are beyond their scope of knowledge!

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