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Statistics can be a very enjoyable subject to learn if one understands its subtle intricacies. This subject has a vast variety of applications in the real world making its study crucial. Those who think that statistics is merely about formulas, tables and numbers are wrong. There is a lot more to this subject than that. Statisticians are in demand in every arena from government departments and industrial work to education, banking, pharmaceutical research and agriculture. They study patterns in human behaviour, the innate workings of industrial societies, factors that could improve the production process in manufacturing industries and evaluate the effect of medicinal drugs on different age groups. It is this vast array of uses that have made statistics an essential part of every field.

Learningstatisticaltests.com is a site that makes statistics easy for students. It explains the reasons, methods and theory behind the collection, organization and interpretation of large and small volumes of data. One can find explanations and examples of commonly used techniques like the Chi-Square Test, ANOVA test and multi variate techniques. Along with the practical applications of these methods the theoretical background behind these techniques are also given in order to enhance the understanding of the reader regarding the topic.

When the samples are small, and the population is homogenous, it is easy to observe patterns and understand the data sets. However, when one is looking at large volumes of data and the sample population is heterogeneous, making observations and deriving inferences becomes very difficult. It is then that it becomes necessary to break the data down into manageable components so that it can be studied easily. It also becomes essential to create categories, generate labels and identify key variables. To make inferences about such large volumes of data, it is also critical to design parameters and craft assumptions. Statistical techniques allow a researcher to achieve all these objectives and more.

Learningstatisticaltests.com goes in-depth into this subject and imparts both basic level statistical knowledge as well as advanced methods of analysis. The tutorials in this site contain all the tools and tests needed for an accurate study of numbers and big data. By citing real world examples and simple equations, the site makes the study of the various statistical techniques simple and easy to understand. Statistics is a very vast field and its study can be a rewarding one. It often takes people a lifetime to understand its various facets, so why not start today.