All about descriptive statistics for thesis

Statistical analysis in thesis helps a lot of students in obtaining better grades. But many students make many errors in use of statistics and statistical analysis due to lack of knowledge and experience. One such analysis which requires minimal effort and helps in comprehending and representing large amounts of data is descriptive statistics which are widely used. The three tools of descriptive statistics which are widely used are the mean, median and the mode which is altogether frequently called measures of central tendency. Descriptive statistics are more used to group data rather than to do final analysis or to draw final conclusions. Descriptive statistics gives clarity and helps in clarifying the large volumes of data.

All about descriptive statistics for thesis

Descriptive statistics gives a simple quantitative summary of the data set collected and helps in understanding the data set and helps in placing the data in perspective. Data collected can be also represented in the form of graphs, charts and diagrams which also come under descriptive kind of statistics. Descriptive statistics are often put at the beginning of the results page which normally gives a glimpse of the analysis. While presenting the descriptive statistics, it is necessary to present at least one of the measures of central tendency like mean or average and one form of variability like standard deviation which is more frequently used.

At the same time descriptive statistics have some limitations. They can be used only for summations and cannot b used for generalization. Graphical methods of descriptive statistics are better than numerical methods to identify and study the different patterns in the data while numerical methods are more precise. But it is better to use both numerical and graphical methods because they complement each other. Apart from descriptive statistics, inferential statistics also help in preparing the thesis.

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